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Posted on : 06-Feb-2018

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How would you make a list of top interior designers? You can start with Google Search ranking and name the first five design firms as leading and most popular. But it would be injustice to the firms that are doing good work but can’t achieve high search ranking. While search ranking is a big factor in determining reliability of businesses, you can’t rely totally on search ranks.

A designer is known by his work and creativity. Interior designing demands creativity as the job is to improve visual look and feel of space. It also includes improving functionality of interior space. Designers use furniture pieces, upholstery and other things to create designs. They match the color of walls and flooring with color of furniture. Sofa sets come in many shapes and sizes and every design suits specific needs. It is the job of designers to choose furniture pieces of matching color and size.

The top interior designers would produce amazing designs and also they will be eager to showcase their designs on social media where they can get more followers. Social media can also help in preparing list of leading home decorators. Advantage of social channels is that they provide an opportunity to communicate with others.

On social media, you can ask others for help in finding leading home design companies. Your social network would provide you genuine feedback on design firms. Also you can go through Google reviews on design firms. Piecing the information scattered on the web would help you rank interior designers according to their experience and work and also prepare a detailed list design firms.

Meenakshi Jaangir

Interior is not just about choosing the right color, fabric, pattern or light but also creating an ambiance that expresses emotions. Our creative stylists and intricate designs keep MJI ranking always high and unlink the brand from any competition.

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